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First I'll explain BIMeasily.

BIMis construction 3-dimensional CAD by an abbreviation of "building Information Modeling". It's different from conventional two-dimensional design drawing and specification making, and drawings and specifications is made by taking a three-dimensionalconstruction model up. The construction model who made it ?consists of BIM software as an objectwith the part information by which each PATSU is pillars and walls, etc., andthe quantity total in addition to the plane profile and the drawing of the elevation view and Perth data are also included, so it can also be said a data base of a building. All data is connected with both directions, andit's possible to input from everywhere of a model drawing and quantity totaland edit. All data will reflect the edit added to a modelimmediately.


BIMalso gets into full swing in Japan in recent years, and the super general contractor is made the center, and the spread is advancing rapidly. However, it's the current state to be still lacking in the number of personsof the BIM modeler.


I go to expert school business for each business categories specialized in a actual operation BIM model including a design in architectural space by BIMand building modeling work in our company.

An experienced staff depends on original education system directly connected with a practical business affair, and a lecturer can have keep an operational skill at a school. I customize the lecture contents according to each business category.


I think when our business leads to the spread of an expert BIM modeler. We appreciate your continued support so that everybody's support patronage may be given.



 Masayuki Ideue

President and Representative Director

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